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Rhino AgriVantage supply agricultural growers of all sizes with real time and relevant advice to improve their yield and quality in an sustainable manner.

Rhino AgriVantage use the latest technology to diagnose the problem and monitor the implementation of the plant nutrition plan.

From soil and water conditioners and corrector products, to foliar fertilizers, deficiencies correctors chelates for foliar and soil applications, biostimulants of different phenological stages of crops, and our preventives line of plant health.


Amino acids and bio-stimulators

Coda amino acids and biostimulators are products designed for obtaining the maximum yields and qualities of crops. Coda offers a great variety of products, with amino acids, seaweed and other stimulants to activate different vegetal processes. Read more

Soil/water conditioners and correctors

Coda soil/water conditioners and correctors are products designed for the improvement of two fundamental elements for the development of any crop: soil and water. Read more

Foliar correctors

Coda deficiencies correctors are liquid formulations of complexed micronutrients and secondary elements by lignosulphonates: substances derived from lignin of plants that guarantee the availability and stimulate the absorption of nutrients by crops. Read more


Coda preventive products are formulations developed to curb the effect of pests and/or diseases on crops or to stimulate the natural defence system of the plants against these. Read more

Foliar fertilisers

Coda foliar fertilisers are high concentration products and totally water soluble. They are designed for foliar applications of macroelements: Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium. Read more


BioPro is a division of Rhino AgriVantage and a product developer and producer of non-­toxic, fully biodegradable and sustainable probiotic based chemical alternatives. BioPro is a South African leader in probiotic solutions for human health, home & garden, agriculture, livestock health, industrial and aquaculture applications. It is the only manufacturer with registrations in terms of Act 36 of 1947 for all these products.Established in 2010. BioPro manufactures a complete line of probiotic products at their Wellington facility. Products are sold nationally through qualified licensees, distributors and retailers to farmers, nurseries and retail outlets. Read more


Rhino AgriVantage purchase the BioControl range of beneficial bacteria and fungicides from BioControl. They import live creatures from all over the world and increase it by high sophisticated biological processes. Read more