1. BIO

    Thys obtained a degree in Law at the University of Stellenbosch in 1993. He practiced as an Attorney at Law from 1994 to 1997 during which time he was a Partner for 2 years. He specialized in Maritime and Commercial Law.

    In 1998 he founded a fishing corporation and managed it as the Chief Executive Officer for 3 years.

    In late 2000 Thys joined a South African registered Merchant Bank (Wipcapital Ltd) as the manager of the Cape Town office. In 2002 Thys left Wipcapital to start his own Private Equity Fund. During this time he was involved in numerous transactions ranging in size.

    Thys founded and/or operated businesses in Eritrea and Namibia during this period and consulted for business in Kenya.

    In 2003 Thys was a founder member of Ububele Holdings (Pty) Ltd.

    Thys left Ububele in August 2013 and is currently the Chief Executive Officer of the Radicle Group. He completed the JSE Altx Directors Induction Course (Wits Business School) in 2009 and a Advanced Business Rescue practice course (UNISA and SA Law Society) in 2014.

  1. BIO

    Brian worked in a number of industries before starting his own blow moulding operation as a division of Rhino Plastics. Brian became a shareholder and Managing Director of the Rhino Plastics Group in the mid-eighties and ever since has been involved with growing and diversifying from a manufacturer to a diversified Group of Companies offering turnkey solutions within the Group’s key strategic focus areas of ‘food-energy-water’ and greenbuilding offerings.

  1. BIO

    Derek Alexander completed his internship at Marais & Crowther Auditors in 1995, while studying B.Compt at Unisa.  He then spend the next two years working in various departments at Properboer/Propermark Auditors and Agricultural Economist in Bloemfontein, where he obtained valuable experience in the Agricultural Management field.

    Derek joined Alfa Agro Chem in 1997 as the Financial Manager. In 2011 he was appointed as the Managing Director of Ububele Alfa Chemicals and Enviro Industries.  He also managed the Yield Chemical Group from 2012 until his resignation in October 2013.

    Soon thereafter Derek started his own company called Remitto which operates in the crop protection market and in the invasive plant management segments.

  1. BIO

    Gavin Olsen has extensive university training in soil science, crop protection, agronomy and irrigation design and scheduling. He has farmed successfully for several years and established successful brands in the agricultural community of which Rhino Agri with the CODA brand of fertilisers is his latest success.

    He has been involved in assisting growers from small scale to large commercial suppliers in all aspects of planning, growing and designing production systems for optimal and sustainable growth.

  1. BIO

    Financial Director of the Rhino Group; holds B.Com Honours and MBA degrees. Was previously responsible for the Retail Banking operations of a major financial institution at their operation in a neighboring country and held positions on the executive, audit and risk committees of that bank. Has served on the boards of a number of high technology businesses that resulted from the commercialization of patented processes developed by two respected Institutions of a local university. Pursues business development opportunities for Rhino Group.