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The Radicle Group are the leading supplier of the best available technology driven advise and high quality compounds for farmers in South Africa. The Radicle Group improve its traditional products range of water soluble fertilisers, soil conditioners, foliar feeds and bio stimulants with a range of green crop protection insecticides and fungicides as well as a wide range […]

Water-soluble fertilizers are an important introduction to the agricultural community. This type of fertilizer contains all the necessary nutrients needed for plants to grow quickly and immaculately. The fertilizer is mixed with water and added and removed from the soil as necessary. Here are 5 benefits of water-soluble fertilizers:

Effective crop protection is essential for the health of all agriculture. Crop protection solutions are the first step in creating a safe environment for your plants to thrive. To ensure that you are receiving effective crop protection solutions, you need to be sure that you are placing your crops into the hands of a company […]

What farmer can resist a little treat to help plants grow vigorously? If you are growing new plants, growth stimulants help them to become established more quickly. Or you may want to improve the performance of your plant already in the garden. Natural growth stimulants increase the performance of your plants without endangering their health […]

The growth of the Radicle Group is the result of more than just market research – the reason our products are so successful is that they meet the real needs of our customers. This level of understanding is based, above all, on personal relationships. On a daily basis, our technical agents are on the ground, […]